Cabell Maddux

Hi, I'm Cabell.

Here's what I've got going on.

Senior Software Developer @ QxMD - Project Lead - Multiple Projects

At QxMD, we're helping nearly 2 million front-line healthcare workers worldwide improve quality of patient care. Our front-line worker-facing apps, Calculate by QxMD and Read by QxMD, consistently rank among the top five medical practice-changing tools across platforms and disciplines.

I currently lead development of the QxMD Analytics, Learn by QxMD and QxMD Accounts platforms. In addition, I organize and improve operations and developer experience across QxMD projects.

Most of the time I'm trying to find a pickup bball game or falling off a wall at a bouldering gym.


Node.js + JS Interactive 2018 October 2018

Mastering the Cloud Provider Lift and Shift: Staying mobile with Node.js and Kubernetes

MedX 2017 September 2017

Information Theory and Translational Medicine: Maximizing the ‘bit rate’ of medical knowledge translation

Node.js Summit 2017 July 2017

Tightly packed parallelization to get happy hour back.

Scholarships Expanding Education

"Crowdfunding Graduates: Who Is Tapping The Masses To Send You To College?" - Forbes

"Forget Designing Your Own Major: Now You Can Design Your Own Scholarship." - Fast Company

"The Next Frontier in Crowdfunding: DIY Scholarships" - NationSwell

Winner of the Be Fearless, Pitch It competition at MCON14 sponsored by the Case Foundation

Scholarships Expanding Education (SEE) is a concept conversation, turned passion project, turned 501(c)3 that made starting a scholarship fund in honor of a loved one easy - no fortune required. We've helped raise nearly $50,000 to support education across the country, the project has been featured by Forbes, Fast Company and NationSwell, and won the Be Fearless pitch competition at MCON14.

Super simple to use, pure-CSS icons.

All littlebox icons are made entirely in CSS and can be set as a single element with classes lb-icon and lb-*. Check out the demo page to see the full icon library.

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